A Battle Cry for the

Protectors & Warriors of Sophia

As I take the bold step to deliver this battle cry, I ask for my sisters to witness me.

Joan of Arc and White Buffalo Calf Woman stand behind me, shoulder to shoulder. 

Their presence provides strength, courage and comfort as the energy behind this cry is massive and incredibly powerful because of who it is crying out to and who it is speaking to in these words, at this time. 

The art of the battle cry is something my soul knows deeply and is remembering through this experience, connecting me to the essence of its purpose.

My soul is calling out to the lineage of Sophia’s warriors, her protectors, and her leaders.

Women who have walked through the sacred fire, feeling the depths of the pain and sorrow of humanity, of all that has happened to this planet, her children and her kingdoms. 

Women who stand for truth, love, justice and devotion and are driven by their soul’s mission in service to the one true Living God and God’s highest timeline for humanity. 

Women who feel the call to leadership and to being a part of the solution.

Women who know they are meant to be a part of something bigger and can feel the energy presenting itself to be discovered and revealed now. 

Women who are ready to join together harmoniously, taking courageous action alongside one another by walking the narrow path of integrity and Sophianic Leadership. 

Women who are here to heal the wounds of the feminine through witnessing, encouraging and empowering one another as every sister is valued for her authentic, sovereign expression. 

Women who are here to work in sacred ceremony with Gaia to heal her lands, her grids, and her kingdoms.  

Women who are here to hold the sword of truth and stand for God. 

Women who were born for this time of momentous change. 

We are a living lineage and it is time to gather. 2023 is the year our sisterhood reconnects, remembers, and rises…together

Our collective sisterhood mission is gathering strength every day as each sister takes her place in the circle. This energy is palpable and gaining incredible momentum which is what is allowing me to receive and deliver this battle cry. 

My heart cries out to the leaders of the revolution, for us to come together in a safe and harmonious way to make a consistent impact through the sacred practices of our sisterhood. 

We each have our own individual missions but collectively within the sisterhood we have a much larger mission that is being revealed through the heart of every sister as she connects and remembers through the power of true sisterhood connections and exchanges. 

Over the next year, we will be gathering and initiating our 48 founding pillars of the sisterhood who will stand as the protectors of Sophia and her ancient wisdom. 

The first group of our lineage is coming together in January to anchor in the first 12 pillars through a 9-week initiation guided by the Shamanic Medicine of Sophia – this is the first initiation into the Sanctuary, the foundation which all is built upon. 

Throughout the year, we will be opening the gates to the Sanctuary Garden, enrolling aligned women into our sisterhood, where initiated founding members will be given the opportunity to rise in their leadership and weave their medicine in for all to learn from as we witness their transformation.

Sophia, the Mother of Dragons and her Grail Queens are inviting us to come together to collaborate consistently within the heart of Sophia, within her Sanctuary. This space is designed to hold our gatherings, our missions, our sacred ceremonies and the grid work that our living lineage has been templated to hold. It is a garden, growing and blossoming with us, providing an authentic, safe, loving, reverent space for connection among our sisterhood. 

If these words speak to your soul, dear sister, I invite you to explore Sanctuary of Sophia’s website that is now activated and alive, anchored into our grid, radiating this sacred call. This space serves as the first glimpse into our private community, providing the opportunity to feel into the medicine and frequency of our sisterhood. You can explore and learn more about our mission, vision, intention and sisterhood values to see if it feels aligned and would be a supportive space for your growth. Visiting this space is like stepping through a portal, it is a felt experience that takes you on a journey through the art of shamanic storytelling. 

Opportunities to join the sisterhood are available for women within any stage of her leadership and awakening journey. We are all at different stages of higher self-embodiment and are meant to strengthen and grow within the space, serving as teachers and students, all learning from one another from a space of reverence knowing that every woman holds her own valuable wisdom. 

What matters most is the heart and soul alignment to what our sisterhood represents and protects. As we open enrollment to the Sanctuary Garden, we offer women the opportunity to dip into the sacred crystalline aqua waters, connecting, witnessing and celebrating one another within our Holy Mother’s Sanctuary. 

If it feels aligned, I ask for your help in sharing this message so it may reach the women who I have yet to connect with.

May this battle cry serve as the lighting of the beacons, extending far and wide to reach all who are energetically being called into service in a deeper way as part of the Sanctuary of Sophia sisterhood mission.

With love & gratitude,



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