Clearing & Healing from

Unconscious Participation in Misaligned Energies

This energy has been incredibly supportive of deep healing and reclamation providing massive breakthroughs around some of the blocks and blind spots that haven’t been able to be seen and cleared yet.

Asking the question and getting curious about what you may still be carrying that you unknowingly or unconsciously participated in can help you clear energy that is misaligned and blocking you from receiving. 

If we have unconsciously or unknowingly participated in energy harvesting, manipulation or energy games of stealing or abusing power through unconscious practices or even through following misaligned false light teachings or practices, it’s important we see and acknowledge it, intending to bring Golden Solar Christ Light to it for healing and clearing. 

I intended to clear and atone for myself and my bloodlines around any time energy was given to a force that was not of the true Organic Living God Source. For any time that I stole power through unconscious practices. Anytime I fed a harvesting system, a black magic ritual, a parasitic force, unconsciously and unknowingly in this timeline and all past and parallel timelines. 

Witnessing, atoning and bringing forgiveness and healing to myself for what I unconsciously participated in freed me from the weight I was carrying that I didn’t even know was taking up space. It was such a blessing that God showed me this.

A new practice Elijah and I have been doing every day since the beginning of this year has been asking the question, “God, can you please reveal to us what we need to see in order to stay aligned in right alignment and right action to serve you and others on our highest timeline?

This is a new devotional practice we have been creating space for and every day we are being shown what God wants us to see. Sometimes, this requires us going deep and clearing what’s stored in the pain body, other days it’s been downloads around our mission or practices that are going to help us embody more of our higher selves so we can serve more people. Either way…

Asking God to reveal what we need to see to stay aligned to our highest timeline in service is a powerful question that can bring insight to areas that may not even be on our radar

It feels like we have done years of work in the last week alone and I felt called to share as this practice may be supportive to your processes. 

Asking God with love and reverence to show you what you need to see and do to experience a breakthrough or clear the blocks you are having is a powerful healing practice that also creates trust in the authentic relationship you are building with God.

The deeper our relationship with God, the deeper our trust can be and we are able to experience more peace throughout the uncertainty. Finding peace in uncertainty allows for excitement to come in where the space of the unknown becomes a time for expansion rather than fear. This all comes back to anchoring the trust you have with God and your higher self to continue to guide you, allowing for a more harmonious experience. 

Taking responsibility for any time we fed an inorganic or dark system and seeing where we may still be operating out of integrity is a game changer. We don’t need to punish ourselves or feel shame or guilt around these things, instead, we can call in the spirit of unconditional love and compassion and make new decisions, participating consciously in a way that feels aligned with God. 

This is my direct experience; please take what resonates and feels supportive of your journey, honoring your own experience. 

With love & gratitude,



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