Devotion: A Sacred Act

Hello, beautiful soul. I am feeling called to share my experience with how the act of devotion has changed my life. 

This is a bit of a deeper share and energetic transmission so I invite you to come into your heart space and be open to receive all that is in your highest alignment. For reference, I use the terms God, Source, The Universe, Creator, The Great Mystery, Christ, and Great Spirit interchangeably as for me they are synonymous.

Over the last few years, I have cultivated many different spiritual practices that helped me find balance and inner peace while learning to clear my field and keep strong energetic boundaries. These practices provided a space for me to develop a deeper relationship with God, my soul and higher self which has been invaluable to how I experience life. 

Nature has played a massive role in this and has guided me to my soul since I was a child, especially throughout my teenage years. It was my sanctuary where I felt safe, connected and able to explore the depths of the inner workings of my mind and heart. This still remains true today, as my daily time in nature is where I recalibrate and connect to the true essence of who I am as a soul walking this Earth.

Over these last few years, these practices have allowed me to feel connected to myself in ways that I never thought possible and have supported the challenges I have faced as part of my soul’s journey and path of self-mastery. Toward the end of 2021, I felt God extending an invitation to me to go deeper into the ocean as a new space of trust and connection was beginning to form. I didn’t know how this was going to play out but as with any major leap, it began with trust and faith.

As I opened up to this new territory, the word devotion began to find its way to me as it held a new meaning. Yes, I was dedicated to my spiritual practices and building my connection, to being in integrity with myself and what I was being guided to do but there was a new element being shared with me that I needed to let in and surrender to as part of this greater process of trust. 

Devotion holds a different frequency from a dedication or a practice; devotion as I have come to innerstand it is an act to honor God and all that is being asked of you by God. It is honoring what God is guiding you to do as an act of devotion and showing up fully present with no other motives other than to serve and be with God.

God showed me that there are certain skills and activities that require my devotion in order for me to bring them back online fully, so to speak. These are pieces of my soul’s blueprint that are requiring presence and devotion to support my mission in service to others and what I am here to do. These acts of devotion will expand and evolve as I do so it is important to honor what is coming through now as the next piece will come in when it’s time.

On a very challenging day where I just couldn’t get into a place of true peace and surrender, I was guided to take a shamanic journey in the bath (a lot of magical things happen for me in water – such a blessing) where God showed me it was time to get more disciplined with my devotional activities. In full transparency, I received that in addition to my spiritual practices, it was important for me to consistently journey at least every other day in order to receive mission steps as well as sing every day. 

Sing to God. 

Sing for God. 

Sing to Gaia. 

Sing for Gaia. 

Sing with Gaia. 

Sing with soul. 

Sing with pure presence. 

Sing from my heart. 

Sing to heal. 

Sing to serve.

Sing to surrender. 

Sing to remember. 

Sing to become.

No matter what, every day, create a sacred space of presence and sing. Intend for the highest and most aligned shamanic medicine to come through and sing it out as an act of devotion. 

This has become my daily devotional singing practice and it has changed my life.

It has been over a month of consistently following these guidelines without compromise and I am beyond humbled by what it has given to me. My connection to God, to Christ, to Source, The Universe, Great Spirit, The Great Mystery, has brought me so deep into my heart that some days I am at a loss for words. Some days I just sit there in awe and cry tears of joy and gratitude for being able to experience the magnificence of creation. To be able to witness it from this lens and to receive all the blessings of my life and tap into the gifts that God has given to me.

The gifts of devotion are a natural byproduct and when in full integrity and alignment with your devotion to God, everything falls into place

You don’t do it to get something, you do it to give something without any other agendas, genuinely being of service. To express gratitude for the experience of being here now and having the ability and awareness to connect with pure, source energy.

I have never felt so close to God in my life and this steady build since the end of 2021 has continued to show me that I do not need any outside influences to guide me. That I do not need external validation from anyone because the true, organic guidance comes directly from Source and when you are open and devoted you will receive all you need. This isn’t to say that messengers and beautiful moments of synchronicities from other authentic guides won’t come in to help confirm or give you a breadcrumb that is needed, but rather that you can trust in your own direct connection so deeply that it almost becomes like a fun game where you are watching your own hero’s journey playing out before your eyes. 

Taking time for devotion in your own unique way that aligns with your soul blueprint is a gift from the Creator and when you start seeing it as a gift it changes the entire experience. I look forward to my devotional time, especially on the challenging days of growth and healing for I know that the devotional space is my sacred time with God and has been designed by God to be an act of service for all. 

Being of service to others without agenda allows you to be a part of something bigger and greater than yourself. It humbles you. It reminds you of why you are here and why being disciplined in your devotion is a key piece that cannot be ignored when God delivers that message to you. 

When you know deep in your heart that you are here to serve, the sacred act of devotion allows you to step into that space gently and gracefully as you anchor in more to unity consciousness in a safe and healthy way, free of codependency or feelings of necessity,  guilt or shame. It is a natural process that begins to pave the way for the shift in consciousness that you came here to make and be a part of as humanity ascends.

I felt called to share this because I know there is a lot out there around devotion, dedication, spiritual practices and other ways of connecting that carry a lot of inorganic distortions and deceptions that weaken and manipulate the meaning of what it truly is. 

If you are feeling a deeper desire to connect with God, The Universe, Source, The Great Mystery, Christ, Great Spirit or simply something bigger than yourself, may this serve as an open invitation from me to you through the sharing of my own experience

Devotion does not have to be a serious and rigid act; it can be creative and fun and joyful. It can be expansive, immersive, and engaging. It can be unique to you and in my experience, that is by design. It starts with you feeling into your heart and asking God how you can show up in service as an act of devotion. You may already have an idea of what this is for you. Or you may have no idea. By asking the question, it will open you up to receive and when you receive what that is, you hold reverence for that act of devotion and honor what is being asked of you by taking conscious action and showing up.

Even on the days when you don’t feel like it, when you’re tired, when you would rather not participate because deep down you know it may unlock a piece that needs to come forth. You do it anyway. And if there are times when you cannot fully show up the way you want, you do your best to honor yourself and the relationship you hold with the Creator. This is a process that is unique and sacred to you and your journey and is between you and God. 

For me personally, I am being guided to step into my leadership role and so discipline is something that I am in the process of mastering in order to really build the structural foundation that is going to house my mission work. Therefore, being disciplined with my devotion is a part of the act of devotion itself. For every individual it is different. God knows what you need when you need it so just trusting what comes in for you is the most important piece in this process.

My intent to share this is to simply shed some light on the meaning of devotion as I have come to understand it and that it is possible to clear it from all forms of distortion, including religious distortions. For example, the distortion that you will be punished by the false imposter angry God for not staying devoted enough if you don’t go to church every Sunday, read the bible daily, etc. Being raised Catholic this is something I have had to work through releasing as a part of me would shrink away from the word devotion as it was interlaced with so many distortions of doing it out of fear of being punished. This has been my own experience and I do not speak for everyone when it comes to this idea, these are simply my own observations I share after unravelling the religious programming. I had to sit with these pieces for a while because even though prayer has always been a natural part of my spiritual practice, the word devotion triggered me quite a bit. Honor what comes up for you and be a loving witness to yourself.

Devotion to the Creator is simply one aspect reflecting the depth of the relationship you hold which is very personal and unique. No one can come between your relationship with God and anyone who tries to interfere with that relationship or command otherwise is a giant red flag. 

We are here to guide ourselves by learning to trust ourselves and what we receive directly from Source. 

This year has challenged me in incredible ways and it is through the deepening of my connection to God that has allowed me to feel greater amounts of trust, faith and safety in the unfolding of creation. Through these processes, God has given me the gift of trust allowing me to expand in more ways than I could ever express through words.

As we move through our ascension as individuals and as a collective, I feel that our direct relationship with Source is what is going to support us the most. It is going to provide the comfort and peace we need to move through the discomfort that is a natural part of this process.

The experience of devotion in itself is a gift from God

When you allow yourself to feel the connection that comes with it, your heart will expand and a new appreciation for life and the epic journey you are on will begin to open pathways within you that have been waiting to be unlocked. 

Allowing yourself to become open to this and creating the space for it will bring you closer to yourself and all of the beauty you hold within. It allows you to see yourself how God sees you which is a reflection we often do not receive from others. As we learn how to see ourselves as God sees us, we can begin to reflect that toward others, sharing the frequency of pure, unconditional love.

I am sending you many blessings as you continue to walk your path, perhaps rediscovering what it means to be devoted and how the experience of devotion may serve yourself and others as we heal as a collective.

With love & gratitude,



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