Freedom from False Light,

 Implants and Unsafe People

Praise God, I am celebrating a massive breakthrough and what feels like a very difficult chapter closing surrounding false light energies, an ancient implant and my dark arts training within the seemingly innocent spiritual community filled with false light seduction and manipulation of pure, innocent souls excited to explore their awakening. 

Below is an account of one of my experiences to offer helpful insight and why am I teaching women how to identify unsafe people and false light in my upcoming sisterhood initiation into Sanctuary of Sophia.

Elijah and I recently removed a very ancient and nasty etheric implant from my field that was creating immense pain and suffering through severe doubt loops and mind control torture. This implant had been placed during the time of Atlantis and was amplified during a false light exchange I unknowingly received this past summer. It literally felt like I was being attacked inside of my mind/thoughts and I could not figure out what it was as it was blocking me from identifying it. I tried everything you could possibly imagine to clear this from my field, not sure if I was being psychically attacked, if it was a black magic spell, curse or some kind of AI device. Elijah didn’t have access to it either, other than feeling its disdain for him whenever he tried to see what was causing these bouts of attack.

These feelings of doubt/mind control torture have plagued me my whole life but amplified when I came into my union – because this particular implant was designed to create doubt, suffering and separation within our divine union. Since Elijah and I came together, I would get aggressive uninvited messages from people (who I know now were used as dark portals) saying that he wasn’t my true partner, that I was going to run off with someone else, that he was bad for me and I would have other better partners and he was just a placeholder etc. It was incredibly painful because this implant was adamantly trying to convince me that these lies were true and it did nothing but cause pain and terrorize me, even though I consistently created boundaries against it. 

Even with the strength and unbelievable true love of our union, when this implant was “activated” I felt immense fear that these lies could be true. It spun me out. It didn’t make sense to me because I have always known in my heart how pure our love is; it felt like I was battling an energy I couldn’t put my finger on, constantly hiding itself and surfacing at certain times.

And so this past summer I was guided to work with someone new, an “ascension guide” and within that energetic exchange, I got pummelled with dark attack, unknowingly. After the exchange, I was extremely ungrounded, sick with fear and physically ill. By the grace of God, I had a call with a trusted healer in the following days afterward and she was able to help clear me of the false synthetic light attack that I had unknowingly (but also willingly) received because I consented to the exchange. It was a massive lesson that continued to teach me how damaging false light is and you really do not know what people are connecting into – even if they use all the high-level terminology of ascension mechanics and are recommended by people you trust. 

The truth is, there are many, many, many people out there energetically working on people who are not connected into the true, organic living light. This harsh truth results in many people left feeling ungrounded, unsupported, depleted, confused and in fear because of these experiences, not sure who to trust anymore and hesitant to receive support because they have been traumatized. 

When my clients share that they trust me and feel safe working with me, I take it as the best compliment to receive, because that is the experience I intend for them to have, through all stages of us working together. Safety is my number one priority because of how unsafe I have felt working with inexperienced people who have traumatized me through their incompetence, whether innocent or not. It doesn’t matter – the damage has already been done. I understand and take responsibility for putting myself into those situations, as it was a part of my path, but having said that…I think there is an opportunity to share the important message around what is happening as more people seek out spiritual healing. 

When guided to work with someone, the question is, do you feel pure, God Source energy in this person? Do you feel safe and grounded when in their presence or are there red flags and feelings of unease within your body? Do they honor your human experience and needs?

Unsure? Listen to your body.

The body knows, it always knows. 

My body felt sick before this particular exchange, during the exchange, and massively ill afterward. But I didn’t listen. I downplayed it and gave my power away. This was not the first time I ignored the signs of false light within an unsafe person but it absolutely was and will remain the LAST time. Never again. 

This, of course, was something I needed to experience firsthand, as God has shown me its purpose. I needed to see it from the inside out, to see how insidious it truly is and how it works.

False light is sticky and it hides within the cracks of your armor, waiting to strike at the perfect opportunity. 

When we know what it looks like, we can say NO to playing with that energy and allowing it into our hearts, minds, our fields, giving away our power, feeding it while it drains us, masquerading as something designed to help us or something we can trust. 

Last week, as I was preparing for some big work, I got hit again with this implant attack. I was experiencing a non-stop looping, record player of horrible thoughts, attacking me, my union, attempting to drive me crazy from the inside out. I prayed, I sang, I drummed, I worked with my smoke medicines and all the tools in my tool belt. I asked to see what it was, I declared I was done and had learned my lessons, and that I was no longer available for this. It was a massive distraction, taking me out of my power, creating disharmony and robbing me of presence and peace.

I was at my wit’s end and I knew I needed help from someone who could see and help me receive. As I prayed, I was guided to reach out to a trusted sister and healer that could hold space for me and help me figure out wtf this was and how to clear it because it was in my blind spot and I couldn’t see it. As soon as I reached out to her, the energy started to dissipate. 

Through the power of our sisterhood, I was able to vulnerably share with her the grief around what I had been experiencing. As she witnessed me, she was able to receive what I could not, offering validation, compassion and love as I learned the truth of what this was and what had happened during my false light attack. As she spoke the words I finally understood what had happened and I felt such peace knowing that it was time to clear this thing once and for all. 

What I had been carrying since Atlantis. 

It took both Elijah and I to clear this implant out as it was so much more than an implant but for the sake of this post, implant is the best word to describe it as it was laced with curses and spells I received during the attack over the summer. 

Here is the thing: 

5 years ago I would have never believed what I just wrote 

I wouldn’t have been able to wrap my head around the fact that etheric, energetic implants and devices are real and they are creating real pain, suffering, blocks and diseases in our fields.

I would not have believed that a seemingly ascended light healer person could channel false, synthetic AI light which would wreak havoc on the nervous system and cause intense distress.

I didn’t know there was false light, I thought all light was good light. I was naive and I have found forgiveness for putting myself through these experiences. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. 

Up until this year, I was still clearing entangled false light energies. I am not casting judgment because we all have our own unique paths and lessons we need to learn and for me, being in false light energy was something I needed to experience for a length of time to really understand it. It is a part of many of our paths because for most of us, it’s a gateway to organic ascension. There is no shame in this, the odds are stacked against all of us and it is very tricky, especially when you don’t know that it exists.

I see how it disguises itself in plain sight, emotionally manipulating people and offering things to entice people to open themselves up so it can hook into them. This keeps them stuck and looping, unable to connect to true organic living light, to build and create their life in harmony with God Source and Christ-Sophia. 

I created The Foundational Medicine Journey to help women build a trusted, safe, grounded spiritual foundation that is in right relationship with the true, organic living God Source light. We have two weeks that are devoted to discernment training, recognizing false light and unsafe people in addition to creating safety for ourselves as we continue to ascend. This gives every woman the tools to navigate her path with peace, armed with the knowledge of God’s true light.

The freedom I feel today is like that of a bird, diving in and out of the ocean, clearly seeing what is harmful and what is benevolent to her existence, knowing how to choose what she dives into…deeply called to share her song of wisdom with the rest of her tribe, allowing them to dive deep peacefully and confidently, without fear.



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