Reflecting with Joan of Arc:

My Christos Mission as a Solar Feminine Christ Representative

As more is being revealed to me around my mission and what God is asking me to do next, I have found myself spending time in a few different spaces.

The first, a space of doubt… 

Who am I to do these things? 

Who am I to have access to these teachings, knowledge and wisdom? 

Who am I to be given this to hold? 

This experience serves as another opportunity to anchor in worthiness and self-love, knowing I am worthy of all that is being shown to me. Reminding myself to connect in with my soul essence as that gives me more of an accurate reflection rather than my ego-personality, for my soul is much, much older and wiser than my 35-year-old human self who is still acclimating to these understandings and concepts.

The next, a space of fear… 

Can I really do this? 

Am I brave enough to overcome the fear to take action on what I am receiving? 

Wide-eyed and often times mind blown, my innocent child self, my human self, wonders how I came to be here. Do I have the courage to show up in this way? 

Am I strong enough to answer the call and stand up for what I believe in, what I know to be true in my heart? To truly serve as a vessel for God, for Christ-Sophia and the message they carry for humanity?

And finally, a space of surrender… 

At this point, I know enough to accept that surrender and trust is the only way forward that doesn’t result in pain and suffering caused by denial of the truth. God has guided me this far into the path, revealing to me what I need to see, when I need to see it. Bits and pieces of a greater vision have been given to me over these last few years, leading me to this new chapter that is rapidly approaching. 

To say my life has been a carefully designed tapestry to prepare me for my mission would be an understatement. 

Everything that happens in our lives is preparing us, teaching us, expanding us, and allowing us to grow. Once we start living more consciously, we can actively participate in the co-creation of our journey which is the greatest gift that comes with being present in the choices that we make based on our intuitive guidance.

Cultivating a real, authentic and unique relationship with God is the foundation that will support this journey. 

If anyone asked me what my best advice would be in walking the path of the human experience, it would be to build a solid and trustworthy relationship with God, Source, Creator, Great Spirit

For that single relationship will be the nourishment your soul and your human self needs to feel safe and supported as the hero’s journey unfolds for you.

As I have been processing everything that I have been moving through these last several weeks, I have been spending a lot of time connecting with our Holy Mother Sophia. Our connection has deepened immensely over the last few months as I’ve been immersing myself in her frequency. Turns out she has always been there, within me and my experiences; I just wasn’t able to fully recognize her energetic signature while I still held certain unhealed wounds. 

It’s been an incredibly special experience connecting with her so intimately.

And so tonight as I prayed at my altar, I asked for strength and courage as I embark upon this next part of my journey, allowing more of my true self to be seen and witnessed by those who may or may not be able to receive me fully.

I was then guided to bring in some codes and drew them out which was so soothing for my heart to express. I asked what Solar Feminine Christ Leaders of the bloodlines I carry would be best to work with at this time in my journey. At first, I felt White Buffalo Calf Woman and the strength and wisdom she exudes. But then I felt Joan of Arc come in with such prowess, grace and force I knew that this connection with her was being activated and illuminated.

I have felt this Joan of Arc energy in me rise during times when I would see injustice playing out in the world. This is the fierce energy of a warrior who does not tolerate injustice and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in as she owns her truth with power and conviction. I have held this energy since I was a child, often afraid of how powerful it felt, unable to harness it, feeling scared of persecution. When I embodied this energy throughout my life it wasn’t always well received, as it threatened the patriarchy and its systems of control and all who abided by them.

And so tonight as I began to connect with her, I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude for the privilege to experience her energy, her codes, her story. To carry them and be a holder of this energy. To be honest, I did not fully know the scope and history of her life. So as I read her story I began to weep, deeply touched by who she was and what she represented. I connected so strongly with her energy that I felt like I was stepping back in time, standing by her side, witnessing her, and feeling everything she felt. What she carried for someone so young – to then take such extraordinary action guided by God – is truly profound.

She knew her mission, her purpose. She knew what she needed to do and she did it, moving past the fear and the obstacles that challenged the guidance she received. Against all odds, she carried out what was being asked of her – grounded in her faith with God.

Even though her story ended in tragedy, her legacy and Feminine Christ Leadership have kept her spirit alive, inspiring millions of people around the world. Although many do not know that she was a leader of the Sophia Bloodlines, when you read her energetic signature it is undeniable.

Connecting with this leader of the Divine Feminine has brought a potent stabilizing energy of peace, courage, trust and faith into my heart that feels infinite and everlasting. It can withstand whatever storms are coming. Why? Because this energy is directly connected to God which is infinite and eternal.

I know in this moment I am not being asked to lead troops into battle or to take up arms and fight in the way that our beloved Joan of Arc was asked to, and yet, her part in this story is still deeply symbolic and plays its own unique role in what I’m currently facing in my own journey.

What I do know for certain is that I am being asked to be courageous, to stand up for what I believe in, to truly serve as a vessel for God and the Christ message that is so deeply needed in our world at this time. To move beyond my fears of what that means or how it will be interpreted through the lenses of others; and instead, allow my soul to do what it came here to do, what God intended and designed me to do as part of the sacred Christos Mission assignment so many of us are on during this extraordinary time on the planet.

I am deeply humbled and honored to serve as a representative of Sophia, of the true Solar Feminine Christ and all that she stands for and embodies. The more I allow myself to remember the truth of this and her story, the more familiar and at home I feel in this space of purity and surrender. 

In the arms of the true Holy Mother, I find myself asking, how can I serve you?

It is my prayer that all my sisters that hold these bloodlines, lineages and the Solar Feminine Christ Codes in their DNA can find the courage to say yes to their mission, to their calling, to the truth of Sophia. I pray that we may all recognize, honor and respect one another in the Heart of Sophia and find strength in the inner knowing that we are a sisterhood here to reflect truth, love and compassion to humanity.

I pray that I can fulfill my role of what I am being asked to hold for myself, for my sisters, for Sophia. As the creation begins to take its form and I surrender into the process of bringing it to life, I find myself feeling joy and excitement for what is to come…knowing in my heart this is how I am meant to serve and what I have prepared for throughout the many different chapters of my life and my soul’s journey.

May we find solace in knowing that our sister Joan of Arc is offering her incredible medicine of bravery, truth, faith and fearlessness to each of us as we reclaim our Sophianic Sovereignty.

Blessed be the light and grace of Sophia.

With love & gratitude,



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