Sophianic Medicine:

The Shamanic Medicine of Sophia

It is such a magical, mysterious and beautiful process to experience the coming together of a circle of women embarking upon a journey together. 

As every woman commits to herself and the journey, a spark ignites within her that extends to the container, bridging the connection. There is a beautiful symphony that begins to play, gently speaking to her soul, and preparing her for what is to come.

Sophia has been guiding me to trust the medicine and that it is calling out to those who are ready to receive it. All I have to do is be present, receive and share as I am guided to in the moment. By holding the frequency and maintaining the integrity of the container, it allows it to naturally grow, expand and provide support as it was always intended and designed to, through the light and grace of Christ-Sophia.

And so as our circle continues to form, I am called to share what it means to take a journey held within a shamanic, alchemical container that is created and sustained by Sophianic medicine, which is the shamanic medicine of Sophia, the Holy Mother, the feminine aspect of God.

Sophia is the ultimate medicine woman. 

Her ancient wisdom is held within her shamanic medicine which is protected within her Sanctuary, ready to be felt, experienced, received and remembered by those who are drawn to it. 

It speaks directly to the soul of every woman no matter where she finds herself to be on her journey, as it is rooted in the equality of all women. 

Sophianic Medicine is full of symbolism, working in harmony with the plants and the spirits of nature, strengthening the connection to the organic living light and the cosmic breath of Gaia. 

Her medicine reminds us of our interconnectedness to all of life and the importance of getting in right relationship with this planet as we restore what has been lost and forgotten.

Through the expression of light and sound, it reminds us of our divinity, of who we are at the soul level. 

And so within the journey, while I will be teaching many grounded, practical tools of creating the spiritual foundation to build and sustain your mission, life and creations, I will also be sharing Sophia’s Medicine. This is an integral piece of the journey, as her medicine allows us to experience the mystery and magic intended to inspire our New Earth creations as we allow ourselves to be seen and embody more of our higher self aspects.

If your heart is open to receiving the powerful medicine of Sophia, I invite you to visit The Foundational Medicine Journey page to learn more about the journey details and experience the frequency of the medicine communicated through the words, colors and images shared. The page itself is an extension of the Sanctuary, providing a glimpse into the sacred space, into the heart of Sophia. 



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