The Medicine of Cleopatra

This past week, I had one of the most deeply shamanic experiences of my life.

I was up late working on a grid work training workshop for the Sanctuary and felt called into the medicine space without imbibing in any medicine. (Most of my deep shamanic work happens well after midnight when the energy is still. The mystic in me is most alive then)

Around 3 am, as I was meditating with my womb, I began to journey into a deep cosmic space. I then saw a flash of a beautiful face who I first thought was Isis, but as I felt deeper into the energy it didn’t feel like Isis. I felt Egyptian energy and the energy of a Grail Queen and I asked if not Isis, who are you?

She revealed herself as Cleopatra.

At this point, I had never been called to connect with Cleopatra, the Sophianic Grail Queen. I didn’t know much about her other than what most people know about her, and honestly how much of that is really accurate? Side note: I had no idea that Netflix just released a documentary about her – found this out afterward – which has relevance – more on that later… 

So as we connected, she showed me a hidden chamber within her living quarters that was her space where she practiced her shamanic grail arts.

She showed me her connection to the shamanic Ruby Grail lineage and to womb wisdom. She began to send ruby energy into my womb and showed me my connection to her and our lineage. 

I am most deeply connected to the shamanic ruby grail lines – but I had no idea she was connected to them. It was so special to remember this with her as she activated this remembrance in my womb. Words cannot describe the feeling of homecoming that I felt remembering our connection, our sisterhood. It was a true homecoming. 

Grail Queens hold a certain sisterhood frequency with each other – it’s of respect, love, appreciation, joy, belonging and unconditional support. It is of true sisterhood. 

This is what I mean when I talk about Sophianic sisterhood energy. Grail Queens are the embodied leaders of this frequency and show us through their own sisterhood, with us. Some of us are remembering we are Grail Queens in our own right and that’s why we are being called to rise in Sophianic leadership now. 

This is what Sanctuary of Sophia is holding for all of us and resurrecting. 

I share this because so much of what’s happening within the Sanctuary cannot be shared outside the gates but this transmission is something that Cleopatra has asked me to share so we can all REMEMBER. 

Anyways, as she continued to stream ruby light into my womb and show me our lineage, I then felt White Buffalo Calf Woman come in and then Solar Christ Mary. The three Grail Queens streamed ruby light into my womb and ignited a template that I hold that has been buried and I have been working on restoring. 

They then began to weave their energies together and I was able to receive the Sophianic medicine of the womb template that I carry. I began to weep as I remembered so much of this medicine that the three of these Grail Queens carry that I am being asked to hold and share with women through my own remembrance and responsibility to women who are able to receive Sophianic medicine womb healing. It’s an ancient medicine that has been brewing and is now ready to surface. I have been feeling it for months and months, the songs have been coming in and I’ve been asked to hold a retreat to ignite it next month. Everything is aligning in divine timing. 

This is of significance because there is a womb healing movement happening within the collective that I’ve been witnessing; women across the world are waking up to their wombs in a real way and the need for this medicine is palpable. 

So then these three Queens began to show me so much about this medicine, the Queen portal and the songs of the womb. The keys. 

This experience lasted for over an hour and so much more came in for me to remember and receive. These details are precious and will be shared in sacred space with women who are called to receive them through this experience of Sophianic medicine womb healing.

Additionally, a couple of nights later, Cleopatra came to me again. She took me into her chamber where she showed me that she was an incredible shamanic water alchemist. She was deeply connected to the Nile River and was a master at creating potions with jewels and diamonds and plant oils. She was a true shamanic magician but she protected most of her practices because of her position. Her shamanic library is incredible – I am still unpacking this and I feel it may take some time to settle because of the depth of it and how expansive it is.

I feel that she came to me at such a pivotal time collectively as well, to really bring truth to who she was. She has shared with me that our work is just beginning now, or really, picking up where we left off and that she has much to share with all of us. 

So consider this the first chapter of the medicine of Cleopatra.

She is exquisitely graceful and powerful and not in the ways we have known her through distorted history.

She is a true shamanic Grail Queen and holds deep medicine for all of us if we are called to work with her and the sacred waters of the Holy Mother. Her potions are pure christed magic. 

What a blessing to remember, I feel so honored to have had this experience and I am deeply excited to bring the Sophianic Medicine womb healing medicine into the Sanctuary. It’s going to unlock so much for all of us. 

Blessed be the light and grace of Christ-Sophia. 

With love & gratitude,



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  1. Megan Meehan Hewitt

    Wow so powerful Eleja! Thank you for sharing this. Such a powerful transmission


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