Transformation of Self:

Igniting Inspiration & Hope

As I shift into a deeper embodiment of my higher self, the energy feels potent in sharing the organic and natural transformation that I have undergone to be here, now. 

It has not been an easy journey, as moving through a physical, spiritual, emotional and mental transformation takes perseverance, commitment, courage, trust and faith. But, even with the challenges, I am here to share that it IS possible and that you CAN transform your life. Living your soul’s purpose doesn’t have to be just a dream, it can become your reality. 

Higher self-embodiment is a sacred and miraculous process that is your individually designed hero’s journey. 

These photos paint a ten-year portrait of my transformation from Barbie to Eleja, Event Planner to Medicine Woman and while these words serve as labels, they also tell a story of transformation. 


The catalyst? A dark night of the soul that ignited me to dive into following my heart through the art of surrendering to God’s Divine Will. I had no idea it would lead to this depth of transformation. 

There is power in sharing the transformation because it allows the mind to see and the heart to feel, which creates a spark of inspiration and more importantly, hope.

When we are in a dark chapter of our lives, hope is the light that breaks through the clouds and allows us to connect to a version of ourselves that we long to be, for that version already exists, embodying hope, just on another timeline. That version is calling us through the path of the heart, inviting us to merge and come home to our true selves and remember who we are. 

When we follow our heart’s desires and our intuition, it guides us on a sacred path of discovery that will change our lives. 

When we embark on the quest of the heart we are given breadcrumbs to get us to the next mile marker which is ever-expanding the deeper we trust ourselves. That is all we need to do – follow one breadcrumb at a time. 

Courageously following our hearts and honoring the call of our soul results in miraculous transformation, allowing us to live a life full of purpose, fulfillment, magic and profound connection. This is available to all of us who have the courage to overcome the fears and doubts that keep us stuck, unhappy, unfulfilled and lacking purpose and connection to our true selves. It is possible to break free from the chains inside the prison of our minds and step onto the road leading us to our highest potential, becoming the true hero of our soul’s journey. 

Are you ready to say yes to your heart and accelerate your transformation?



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