Truth and Transparency:

Medicine of Transformation

As our circle prepares to come together for the first time, the acceleration of the pure shamanic magic that is brewing within this medicine container is something I have never experienced before. 

I feel the call to open my heart more deeply in terms of truth and transparency as I am receiving it is a medicine that is needed right now. 

Full Transparency: I wrote this post yesterday and as soon as I finished I got hit with an intense wave of ascension flu – I had done some deep womb healing work earlier in the day as guided, to help with the birthing process of the Sanctuary. I am purging so much right now and haven’t been sick like this for years. I was up all night sweating it out and nursing myself, knowing this is the last push before the container opens. It’s already shifted and I’m feeling so much lighter now. 

I keep many of my processes and downloads private because they are sacred and need a properly held space to be shared that isn’t on social media. I share what I am called to express publicly, giving enough insight to offer support, inspiration and the experience of community as it really helps when you are diving deep. It is something we all need, true connection, and as women, the value of sisterhood when we are going through these processes is invaluable. Plus, I feel it’s important to share authentically so women who are called to share space with me can actually get to know the real me. That’s something I value, building trust and safety consistently. We need that to hold this depth of work.

Women are the pioneers of ascension and what we are being asked to hold and carry is a lot

We don’t have to carry it alone, we can lead alongside each other in a healthy, authentic way. 

So, as I share this last post before I dive into the container to prepare for my sisters to join me, I share this to give some insight as to what is happening for those who are curious, for those who it may speak to, for those needing this level of support to hold them and what they are carrying.  

Truthfully, I am in the Sacred Fire right now. God is challenging me in so many ways in preparation for the birth of Sanctuary of Sophia and leading the first sisterhood initiation. Every day I am in healing processes releasing what is coming to the surface in order for me to hold more of the medicine and guiding light of Sophia that stewards our space. While it is incredibly intense, there is also so much joy and excitement I feel in my heart and every day I am blown away by the progress and experiences I am witnessing 

I was born to hold space for women and have been preparing for this time my entire life. It is surreal, overwhelming, amazing and humbling all at once. The power of our circle, this journey, what we are building as individuals and as a collective sisterhood is actualizing all around me in ways that make me feel like I am dreaming at times.

For the last two nights, a pack of coyotes have gathered to howl outside of our home. 

Three days ago, as I was singing a song from Sophia, a bald eagle circled over me, anchoring in the Christed masculine energy into the songs, providing protection and provision. 

Two ravens showed up yesterday – a beautiful pair, singing to me in the tree outside of our balcony. Representing the mystery, the magic, the invitation. 

All of the animals are sharing their sacred sounds to support us, as our sisterhood mission is in support of their evolution, too.

They know this and can feel it, this is why they are showing up in the most mystical ways. They are reminding us that the ancient shamanic magic is coming back and that this container is where we are going to be birthing and witnessing this magic.

The mystical, alchemical, ancient shamanic medicine of Sophia is coming alive to support the women who are needing it

Why? Because they are the protectors of this magic. 

Some of them may not even know what their magic is yet, what they are here to do. But they can feel it – and they know it’s needing a space to be safely held as they transform and emerge.

Their presence serves as a protective pillar of the Sanctuary, and the Sanctuary protects them. It is a mutual exchange that happens effortlessly for those who are in alignment and are ready. 

This is by design. It feels fair, equal, natural, exciting, expansive and nurturing. 

This energy protects all that is sacred – the authentic expression of every woman reclaiming her essence and power. 

The coyotes are the cousins of the wolf and the wolf serves as the protector of Sophia.

I feel the deepening of the relationships occurring with the Earth kingdoms as we come together. It is so special, so supportive. We are held. 

All of this has come together after many years because I was honest with myself, I was honest with God. I was transparent about my struggles and shared from my heart to be fully seen by God. I was truthful with myself of where I needed to get into integrity, where I was denying my pain that was blocking me from moving forward. 

I needed to create the space to hold myself. As I did this, Sophia downloaded the final piece of Sanctuary of Sophia to me. She told me it was time to create the space to hold my sisters. That there was a deep need for this and that it was paramount I build it because of who and what it would be holding. What we would all be accomplishing together.

Sister, if you are going through your birthing process of birthing yourself, your creations, your highest timeline…this space is for you.

If you want to be inspired, held and initiated alongside devoted women who are the real deal – this journey is for you. 

If you want to experience the magic of Sophia’s medicine, coming home to your true mother and being received by her…this is the first step. 

My heart is overjoyed with all that is coming in for this experience; it is truly an honor to hold space for every woman as she steps into the circle.  

With love & gratitude,



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