White Buffalo Calf Woman Medicine

Last night, I was called to my altar to commune with White Buffalo Calf Woman, Ruby Grail Queen of the Sophianic Bloodlines. 

Our relationship has been building over time, and with the chapter I am stepping into she has been inviting me to deepen our connection to allow for greater trust and surrender into my work as a holder of this shamanic lineage.

I feel called to share my interpretation of her medicine, for she is a beautiful ally to work with if you are called to connect with her. 

She has incredible wisdom and discernment, and speaks with clarity and power, for every word is intended to express a significant meaning in what is being communicated. 

You may seek her guidance out when needing to ground and alleviate confusion or overwhelm, for her medicine brings peace and offers stabilization, guiding you back to trusting yourself and what you know to be true in your heart

She holds deep compassion and patience while providing a pillar of truth that cuts through the doubt of the mind and speaks to the soul through a pure, divine frequency. This medicine is carried in her lineage. 

Ruby Grail Line Holders especially are encouraged to connect with her and cultivate a loving relationship, understanding your role as part of the lineage. We all have a part to play with our own unique assignments, those of which you may discover upon strengthening your connection with her.

She held space for me while I was being shown my next steps of what I am being asked to do for our lineage and the grids we protect. As the depth and intensity strengthened, feelings of fear arose in me. She smiled and reminded me that I do not need to be afraid, for this is meant to be a deep remembrance and one that I am meant to hold and share with my sisters, as part of my role. All will be revealed in divine timing. 

I breathed a sigh of relief, knowing I am held by her, and by the sisters of my lineage. I do not need to be anywhere else other than where I am in this present moment. I trust I am able to receive what I need when I need it. 

The medicine of White Buffalo Calf Woman is deeply woven throughout Sanctuary of Sophia, for the vision and leadership she holds is meant to support us as we co-create the New Earth, aligning to the prophecy and mission of the 144,000. 

By connecting with the Earth, and immersing ourselves in the living breath of her majesty, we begin to remember the ancient ways of being. These ways of being are coming back for us to embrace and embody, anchoring the frequencies of pure organic, living light.

It is my prayer that we may harmonize with the Earth and each other, coexisting peacefully, and experiencing God’s miracles, love and abundance as we shift into the new paradigm.

Blessed be the light and grace of Christ-Sophia



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